Seychelles nationals in SL for treatment: In 14-day quarantine in Wadduwa

 Brought to Sri Lanka on a request by Seychelles Government

The group of Seychellois brought down to Sri Lanka on Saturday (23) for medical treatment is currently under 14-day compulsory quarantine at a luxury hotel in Wadduwa, The Morning learnt.

Additional Secretary to the President for Foreign Relations Admiral (Retd.) Prof. Jayanath Colombage said the group, consisting of 28 patients, had been brought down to the country on a request made by the Government of Seychelles, as a goodwill gesture.

“The Seychelles nationals were receiving routine medical treatment from Sri Lankan private hospitals and they arrived in Sri Lanka to receive their treatment,” he told The Morning.

Sri Lanka catered to the request made by the Seychelles Government based on several conditions, Admiral (Retd.) Prof. Colombage said, pointing out that it was made compulsory that the Seychellois test negative for Covid-19 before they arrived in Sri Lanka.

In addition, they were asked to come to Sri Lanka via their own aircraft and it was compulsory that they undergo 14 days under quarantine at a hotel, he noted.

The patients, who are public sector workers, reportedly suffer from chronic diseases such as heart and kidney ailments.

“After they receive treatment, they will go back to their country,” he added.

– Maheesha Mudugamuwa