Sithika’s favourite things

This week under Little Stars’ spotlight is a very young basketball enthusiast who dreams of becoming a talented basketball player one day. This little champ, Sithika Rayuth Dabare, is five years old and is impatiently waiting to go to school. Currently, he is a student of KOPS Preschool, Colombo. Let’s see what Sithika has to share with our readers.

Sithika, tell us a bit about yourself.

I am five years old. My father’s name is Seesara Dabare and my mother is Ramesha Wimaladharma. I have a pet doggy named Steady. He is a brown golden retriever. He is the most playful dog in this whole world. I play with it all the time. Steady likes to play with me too. I go to KOPS Preschool and my class teacher is Auntie Imara.

Do you have a best friend?

My thaththi is my best friend. He loves me so much and I love to play with him whenever he is free.

What do you like to do the most?

I like to play with Steady, draw, and play basketball. I love to swim. I watch cartoons on TV sometimes. I like to travel with my mother and father. I also like to try on different types of shoes. I have a lot of shoes. Basketball is my favourite sport and my mother says that she doesn’t know how I got interested in the game because no one at home plays basketball.

You said you like to travel. Where do you like to travel the most?

I like to go to the beach. It’s windy and there is a lot of blue everywhere. You can play there and fly kites there.

What is your favourite cartoon?

My favourite cartoon is PJ Masks. It’s about three children – Amaya, Connor, and Greg – who lead normal lives during the day, but transform into superheroes during the night; they use their powers to fight bad people and solve mysteries. I also like to watch Avenger cartoons because there are a lot of superheroes.

It seems like you like superheroes a lot. Who is your favourite superhero?

I like many superheroes. At the moment I like Hulk the most. He has a lot of strength and he helps people by transforming himself into a giant person. He is amazing!

What is your favourite colour?

I have two favourite colours and they are blue and green.

Photo Krishan Kariyawasam