South Asia’s longest sky bridge in Colombo by September

Colombo will be home to the longest sky bridge in South Asia, which will connect ITC One hotel tower and Sapphire Residences, by September 2019.

The one-of-a-kind three deck, structural steel bridge will be assembled in India but will be imported in pieces to Sri Lanka by July where it will be reassembled at the podium of ITC One hotel tower and Sapphire Residences.

Upon the completion of reassembling, the Sky Bridge will be hoisted through strand jacking and fixed meters between the 19th and 21st floors of these two towers by September.

At a height of 91-100 meters, the bridge will span 55 meters and will incorporate a jazz bar and lounge, two full length pools and a sunbathing deck on top.

The bridge is expected to weigh approximately 3,000 metric tons including water and will have LED lighting on the bottom.

There are no separate costs involved in the construction of the bridge as the cost is included in the total investment of the building.