Sri Lanka hits out at two UN Advisors

Sri Lanka has accused two UN Advisors of sensationalising the Sri Lanka issue.

Responding to a joint statement issued by the United Nations Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide Adama Dieng and the United Nations Special Advisor on the Responsibility to Protect Karen Smith on 13 May 2019, Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York Ambassador Dr Rohan Perera stated that their prejudiced statement only serves to sensationalize issues.

He said the joint statement had been issued at a time the Government is taking stringent measures to maintain law and order and quell unrest in the interest of safety of all and that it skews the situation on the ground and interprets post-April 21 events through a narrow prism of stereotypical labels, while disregarding the deeper and more nuanced issues at play.

Ambassador Dr Rohan Perera said that the Government of Sri Lanka has carefully reviewed the joint statement of 13 May 2019, issued as a note to correspondents, where two UN Advisors have expressed alarm on the ‘growing acts of violence on the basis of religion’ in Sri Lanka.

“While noting your concerns, we were taken aback by your oversimplified narrative of events that are nuanced and complex in nature,” Dr Rohan Perera said.

Dr Rohan Perera said that it is quite insensitive and ill-conceived that the two UN Advisors did not consider it important to share their concerns with the Sri Lankan Government first, before going public with the statement.