Sri Lankan academics learn agribusiness models in India

A group of senior academics representing the agribusiness centre of the agriculture faculty of the University of Peradeniya paid a visit to the Directorate of Agribusiness Development of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (DABD-TNAU) to learn about successful agribusiness models in India. The programme is funded by the India-Sri Lanka Foundation (ISLF).

The TNAU is a leading agricultural university in South Asia that was established as far back as in 1906, and the DABD-TNAU is functioning as an outreach arm of the TNAU; it provides a one-stop solution to all the business, entrepreneurial, and technopreneurial needs of South Asian communities and technology developers. The activities led by the DABD-TNAU are accessible to anyone who is interested in any particular branch of agriculture, such as agronomy, farming automation, horticulture, plant protection, post-harvest technology, and other value addition activities.

The DABD-TNAU functions with the vision of benefiting the farmers by enabling easy access to new and improved agricultural technologies and innovations developed by researchers and other services.

Moreover, the DABD-TNAU is involved in technology transfer through its network of technology business incubators, and the services provided by these facilities are in great demand and much appreciated by a large number of farmers, operating at various scales. This incubation concept has gained momentum across the globe and has resulted in the creation of start-up ventures which gradually develop and establish themselves as stable companies, some of which even incorporate IT solutions for agriculture.

Indian Central Government Agencies such as ICAR have recognised the agribusiness incubators system administered by TNAU.

University of Peradeniya Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Prof. Gamini Puhspakumara led the university delegation.