Sri Lanka’s mine awareness program hailed by experts

In an interactive panel discussion, international experts have made Sri Lanka’s sustained focus on mine risk education and awareness creation the exemplary model for the rest of the world.

‘Towards a mine-free Sri Lanka in 2020: Challenges and Prospects for Partnerships’ was a well-attended panel discussion chaired by Ambassador A.L.A. Azeez who is the Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka for the UN in Geneva, took place during the Intersessional Meeting of the Anti-Personal Mine Ban Convention (APMBC).

Experts in mine action, humanitarian disarmament and human rights appreciated the remarkable progress achieved by Sri Lanka in mine clearance, mine risk education and victim assistance, paving the way for the return of, and housing and livelihoods for, thousands of affected people.

Sri Lanka’s success in establishing an effective national ownership of its mine action program, integrating gender diversity into it, collaborating effectively with international stakeholders, and contributing to the development of communities, received a special commendation at the event.