Stand out with ‘The Butler’

By Pujanee Galappaththi

If you watched Taron Egerton kicking a** in a suit in Kingsman and thought “damn, that’s a sweet view”, you clearly agree that suits are the best outfit for men. However, a suit is considered incomplete without the right accessories. Giorgio Armani once said: “Accessories are important and becoming more and more important every day,” and it is believed by fashion specialists that men’s accessories are the cherry on top of the perfect outfit. Basically, accessories and clothing have equal significance in an outfit, working together to birth an ensemble that expresses your style and identity.

This week, The Sunday Morning Brunch spoke to Shazni Fazal, the founder of the exclusive men’s accessory brand The Butler. The Butler is an online store that operates through Facebook and Instagram, offering retail men’s neckties, bowties, cufflinks, lapel pins, tie clips, and socks. The Butler does not customise products at the moment, but is looking to move into customised designs in the future.

Speaking about the inspiration that drove him to set up The Butler, Fazal said: “This was a lightbulb moment for me, inspired by the movie Kingsman or a combination of movies, you could say. I wanted a one-stop shop for all styling needs for the man of substance, while managing exclusivity in it with regard to the designs and taste. I was always fond of dressing well, but one thing I lacked was making men’s attire unique by accessorising it. I believe a suit without the necessary accessories is incomplete.”

“Often, an individual would wear a suit for a special occasion. So, how can one stand out? While there are choices aplenty, one of the easiest ways to make your mark would be by accessorising wisely, and this is what The Butler aims to do!” he added.

When conceptualising a collection, Fazal makes an effort to understand and analyse the Sri Lankan market as well as the current trends in terms of men’s accessories across all geographic areas.

They then select certain common points such as colour families, designs, fabric, etc. This results in a collection of similar tastes and preferences with an elegant touch and grace, said Fazal.

The designing at The Butler is handled by suppliers abroad, according to Fazal. They cater to the specific requirements in terms of quality and the final design.

When asked about their most popular product, Fazal stated that it is undoubtedly the floral and plain neckties. “Our collection has been a trendsetter in the men’s fashion segment, and I can proudly say that almost all our local and foreign customers have complimented the unique and trendy collections we offer,” he added.

The floral ties at The Butler also come in unique colours and designs and increasingly gained popularity within the past few months. They can be worn for parties, weddings, fashion shows, dressy events, and even casual hangouts depending on how fashionably adventurous you feel.

“When it comes to our floral ties or any other product for that matter, they are quite limited in quantity to maintain exclusivity. We also believe our collection is unique as this has been proven via feedback from our beloved customers. The main reason why our floral ties stand out is because of the prints we choose. Every piece we market is looked into for print quality and texture,” Fazal explained.


The floral tie, like the bow tie, has become an iconic fashion statement. However, styling it with the right fabrics is key. We asked Fazal a few fashion tips when styling floral ties and this is what he shared:

  • Rock a floral tie to any less formal occasion and you would be flooded with compliments
  • Always make your floral tie the highlight. If the tie is light in colour, pair it with a dark shirt/suit, and vice versa
  • Feel confident when you rock the floral tie as it adds up to the look

He added some cautionary tips as well:

  • Don’t go overboard with many patterns when you wear a floral tie. Floral/checkered shirt and a checkered suit is a complex look
  • Don’t wear your floral tie to a business meeting