Stars of The Voice by Ishan De Lanerolle dazzle

The Voice, the brainchild of Ishan De Lanerolle has succeeded in producing a number of talented individuals. This was showcased at their debut concert which took place on 9 September, 2018 at a rather picturesque location, Access Towers II.

The night started off with the Sundown Mocktail at the rooftop and the guests later proceeded to the Ballroom for the main event which was the concert, following by a dinner to conclude the night.

Vithma Kumarage, Eksath De Alwis together with Tharushi Mendis (Guest Artiste) serenaded those before them with their divine and exquisite vocals which were nothing short of manifestly ethereal.

Eksath, who sang the opening piece for the night is only 21 years of age. It was revealed to the audience that he had taken part in various Voice events, and became a sensation overnight. His performance consisted of classical hits by singing sensations such as Engelbert Humperdinck, Tom Jones and even Elton John. His singing undoubtedly boosted everyone’s spirits as this was evidenced through the energetic and cheerful responses by the audience members.

“It was a great atmosphere, great crowd. Everything was perfect!” he added with cheerful glee.

All three artistes displayed diverse singing styles. As mentioned above, Eksath mirrored the 1930s vibes through his singing, whilst Vithma and Tharushi tilted towards singing songs that reflected modern-day music.

Vithma, 20, currently in the process of pursuing her higher studies is yet another creation of The Voice who has gone on to become a renowned singing sensation. She started her performance for the evening with ‘You Don’t Know’ by Katelyn Tarver. She then embarked upon the performance of hits by modern-day influential artistes such as Rihanna, Alicia Keys and Celine Dion. Her performances were inclusive of mostly upbeat music that not only reverberated throughout, but also enhanced the ambience of the premises.

She added, “I think tonight’s event was fabulous and everyone came, so it turned out to be great. Also it’s an absolute shock for me to see all three of us showcase our talents within an hour which I thought was nice.”

Whilst her music in general comprises covers and originals, they’re yet to be released and when they do, they’ll be available for her fans over social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. So that is definitely something to look forward to!

Our Guest Artiste Tharushi, who’s just 17 years of age, has been a part of The Voice by Ishan De Lanerolle for nearly five years. She started off her performance with ‘When We Were Young’ by Adele and later extended her performances to a number of hits by modern-day artistes. Whilst it was revealed to us that she used to be rather diffident when she first started, her vocals showcased a rather beguiling yet sharp tone which was truly unique.

She added, “I used to be shy and had stage fright. Uncle Ishan helped me overcome those fears over this long journey.”

The concert ended with a bang and we saw smiles all round. Faces lit up as everyone in the audience rushed to congratulate and speak to our three very talented artistes.

“I think it went really well judging by the audience’s review, and well, I’m proud of my students Eksath, Vithma and Tharushi. They did really well,” beamed a proud Ishan De Lanerolle.

Speaking to one of his other students Aaron, we found out that the concert was organised by the performers themselves. He said, “It was well-planned and it was good on them to get it done the way they did.”

Attending the event, it was clear that The Voice by Ishan De Lanerolle is without a doubt an amazing platform for those talented individuals to not only polish, but also to showcase their wonderful talent before audiences.


Review by Chenelle Fernando
Pics courtesy – Pulse