Sunny Days: Jewellery edition 

By Mahika Panditha 

Some of you may be on holiday from school or university, and as I have said time and time again, with coronavirus still around, it is imperative we stay safe. But, we can still look good while doing so. I have been doing the Sunny Days editions, focusing on clothing and what not. So, why not move on to the accessories that you can buy right here in Colombo to add that little bit of pizzazz to your fit of the day or fit of the night!

For me, accessories are my favourite thing to shop for! Especially when the holidays roll around, so you can rock them out! There are so many trends that come and go, and some that stay – like hoops or simple studs (I myself am a sucker for some good hoops, and it is half my jewellery box!)

This year, the theme seems to be “less is more”! Simple, minimal, but chic and elegant. There are some beautiful pieces that you can get all over the city. I’m in love with so much of the new jewellery already and I cannot wait to share them with you. I am going to be listing some favourites and other suggestions as well so you can check them out. Without further ado, let’s get into it. 

Chunky rings

I have heard that not everyone likes to wear rings, but if you are the type of person who does, try to invest in some chunky rings. Sometimes, you’ll find people wearing multiple on one finger but honestly, do what makes you happy. I came across these stunning pieces from Tale Thoughts. Tale Thoughts is a business that handcrafts beautiful pieces of jewellery, ethically. Pair them with a chic outfit, and you are good to go. My lazy day outfit with these added just makes it so much better and more put together. Check these gorgeous rings out! DM them to order.

Simple gold bracelets

I have been collecting these since I was about 17! Gold is one of the most valuable things to have and it is also super cute. You can literally pair them with anything. Simplistic bracelets like these work, day or night, whether you are going for brunch with your girls or for a meeting. I absolutely adore Aadna Jewellery’s collection of dainty gold bracelets. They have an astounding selection of bracelets that come in different weights, designs, and more. Take a look for yourself!

Raw gem rings

You guys, I cannot stress enough how much I adore these rings. There is just something so special about having raw gems; they bring a unique essence to a full outfit. Even as rings to wear on the daily, these are so classy. You can wear these with just about anything, and even pair it with a matching necklace and set of earrings if you can find one you like. A lot of places will most likely have sets, so that makes it even better. I was scrolling through Instagram and saw this business based in Unawatuna. Their stuff is simply beautiful; the name of the business is Two Dots Jewellery! You can most likely find your birthstone in their collection and then pick one up. It makes for such an amazing birthday or Christmas present too, so keep it in mind for December! But in the meantime, fetch one and add it to your holiday or daily wear collection of jewellery. 

Jhumkas for days

Someone once asked me why I was wearing jumkas on a normal day because they thought that they were to be paired with just the national dress or whatnot. However, they are an absolute staple. These earrings are simple but fancy at the same time. It gives me very regal and majestic vibes too, so you know it can definitely make your outfit look even more fantastic. One of the most beautiful sets of jhumkas that I have seen is from Sārka! They are smaller ones which makes them even more minimalistic. This is such a good addition to a patterned outfit as well; it adds some funk, if you will! 

Animal earrings

I realise how weird it sounds when I title it like this…but anyways, what I meant by that is the cute little earrings that have small animal designs. Look at the photo – you know what I mean! Nomadic Findings has a lovely collection of jewellery as it is, but these Dragonfly earrings, I mean, wow! Look at how adorable they are! I just want to collect these and wear them all the time, how could you not?

Minimalistic necklaces or chokers

I am going for the simple vibe if you haven’t noticed. As with most minimal jewellery, it is multipurpose and works with everything. I used to have this gorgeous gold chain but it broke and I have not been able to find one that I liked since, till now. Minimal Boutique is, as the name suggests, minimal! It is also simplistic beauty. Their gold necklace is absolutely stunning, and the little end pieces make it even better! It’s cute, fun, and simple. 

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