The Insider Edition: Malsha Jayamaha

By Mahika Panditha


Known to the Instagram community as island.girl.diaries, Malsha Jayamaha is a travel and lifestyle content creator as well as a homebaker, and you can check out her bakes on @blissfulbakes! Malsha’s hobbies include travelling (of course) and being around dogs; she has five of them! Her life goal is to travel as much as possible and achieve the highest possible things she can in her career, and we’re rooting for you Malsha! I got to ask Malsha a few questions last week, so here it goes!


What do you love most about travelling?

There are two things I love about travelling. The first is being able to appreciate life and the second is being able to try out different food!


What’s your favourite travel memory and why?

My favourite travel memory would be my trip to Cambodia. Even though I went there when I was small, I remember every single detail about it because it was a huge family trip and I enjoyed every place we visited. The massive temples, especially Angkor Wat and Bayon, and the beautiful sunsets you experience every evening. The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum where you can experience what happened during the Khmer Rouge regime, and not to forget the beautiful sceneries you see wherever you go!


Where is your favourite place to go and why?

My go-to place would be the beach. I can sit there for hours and hours with just a coffee, because it calms my inner self.


What is your favourite cuisine and culture?

My favourite cuisine would be Thai food! I love everything about it because it’s strong and spicy and has different tastes from all the combined spices. Having lived there for almost five years, the Hong Kong culture has always been a favourite, because of the way they respect everyone’s personal space, even though there is a high population density.


What advice would you have for young solo travellers?

My advice would be; don’t wait for the right time, the right vehicle, or monetary flow because there is no right time. Plan with what you have, travel, and enjoy it to your heart’s content. If it’s the bus, then hop on it and go! If it’s budget travel, don’t mind it being just you; you alone will be the one enjoying it and it’s all worth it. All of it is an experience.


Do you have any funny stories to tell? If so, do tell us!

I have a lot and I can’t pick and choose just one. But there was this one time, we went on a trip and once we reached the destination, we realised we hadn’t packed our bags of clothes and everything into the vehicle! Finally, we had to purchase bits and pieces to carry on! We all had a good laugh!