The story behind Cherie Lueur

By Pujanee Galappaththi

Phrases like “born with a silver spoon” and “served on a silver platter” make it quite apparent that humans value silver and hold it precious. Sterling silver is an alloy made from pure silver and other trace metals and it is sophisticated, elegant, stylish, and timeless. Sterling silver, today, is one of the most commonly used metals in high-end and high-quality jewellery and accessories. Sterling silver jewellery has been big in Sri Lanka for years and with the increase of creative jewellers in town, it doesn’t look like it will go out of style anytime soon.

This week, we spoke to Thilini Hansika Adipola, the founder and designer of “Cherie Lueur” an online jewellery store that specialises in sterling silver jewellery with authentic Sri Lankan gems.


‘Like a little star’

Due to its soft nature, silver had to be strengthened with another stronger metal to make it functional. There is no distinctive time when the first silver alloy was made; however, it is recorded to have been widely used in the 11th century. The famous Norman penny issued by William the Conqueror in 1083 was made of silver alloy. In some of the coin’s earliest designs, two small stars floated above the king’s shoulders and in Old English, the word sterling translates to “like a little star”, which is one possible origin of the word sterling. Adipola told us that “when combining silver into its alloy form, it changes its physical characteristics. However, for high-quality sterling silver, it must have 92.5% pure silver. Therefore, it is called 925 sterling silver.”

Making and perfecting jewellery

When making sterling silver jewellery, jewellery designers usually buy sterling silver pallets and mould the jewellery. Cherie Lueur obtains their sterling pallets from local vendors in Hettiweediya, Pettah, and designs and crafts their jewellery from scratch.

In the process of handcrafting sterling silver, polishing plays a major role. It is, in fact, the key to shiny, bright jewellery. Jewellers use various techniques to arrive at this finished product including drill polishing, barrel polishing, and mop polishing. The folks at Cherie Lueur incorporate all of these techniques to give their jewellery that shimmering glow depending on the nature of the piece of jewellery.

Speaking on the inspiration behind her beautiful designs, Adipola stated: “Sri Lanka is very well known from ancient times for unique handcrafted jewellery making. Our people have immense handcrafting skills and an outstanding aesthetic vision on the piece of jewellery. That inspired me to join the industry and inherit the values of jewellery designing and craft and bring it to modern times.”

Adipola told us that her favourite thing about sterling silver jewellery was its simplicity: “I always consider enhancing the natural beauty of the person who is wearing it. Our brand name Cherie Lueur means ‘Sweetheart Glow’. This is why my favourite thing to do is making custom designs for my beloved customers based on their beliefs and cultures for them to embrace their festive season.”

Styling and care

Styling your jewellery is completely up to you, and Thilini Hansika Adipola agrees that sterling jewellery can be worn with anything and everything, if you pick the right piece of jewellery, however. We collected some tips from the experts on a few ways to class up your look with sterling silver jewellery;

· Be simple and try not to overdo the jewellery.
· Select one statement piece at a time.
· Choose wisely and try to match the jewellery to the occasion you wear it for.
· Show the world who you are with the jewellery pieces you wear.
· Try to compliment your neckline, skin, and clothing with your jewellery.

Is there certain looks that you shouldn’t add silver jewellery to?

One of the most endearing qualities of sterling silver jewellery is its timelessness and durability. However, if not duly taken care of, you might lose the value of your precious jewellery. Here are a few ways according to Adipola to take good care of your jewellery;

§ Clean your jewellery with a micro-fibre cloth once in a while
§ Maintain proper storage for the jewellery
§ Remove when washing, exercising, and etc.

If you want to get a customised piece of jewellery made from Cherie Lueur, all you have to do is simply send a message through Instagram, Facebook, or call them. “We deliver the product within 10-12 working days.”

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