‘The Summoning’, a Lankan independent horror film to premiere Friday

The independent horror film by High School Junkies, a group of filmmakers based out of Negombo, The Summoning, will make its premiere in Sri Lanka at the National Film Corporation, Colombo on 26 October 2018 at 6:30pm. Conceived late last year as a quick skit for Halloween 2017, the film has become one of the most challenging projects undertaken by the team to date.

The Summoning revolves around a group of four friends who discover an ancient séance table and inadvertently summon an entity that seeks its own vengeance. The short film pays homage to the Raimi-era of horror whilst putting a spin on the recent trend of Ouija boards.

The short film was shot in Negombo over four nights whilst the post-production spanned over four months. The Director, who was not so fond of the genre at the outset, spent months watching, learning and absorbing the quintessential elements of horror factor from renowned movies – paving the way to the production of a film on par with a Hollywood Blockbuster.

Led by Akash Sk, his team, the High School Junkies gained reputation in 2017 for their short film ‘EIDETIC’, which became the first Sri Lankan film to be screened at the San Diego Comic-Con. EIDETIC was also screened at multiple film festivals worldwide including Europe’s largest independent festival, Raindance Film Festival.

Their success with Eidetic inspired Akash to take the film to Los Angeles, United States in July where it was screened to a few producers and was met with rave reviews.

The Summoning features expert voices: David Worth, Cinematographer in two Clint Eastwood films, who made a key contribution to the film’s technical aspects as an Advisor and Mentor; and Ruwanga Samath, the Sri Lankan born LA bred composer of Fast Five, who assumed the role of Executive Producer of The Summoning upon seeing its final production.

A trailer of the film is available for preview at facebook.com/highschooljunkies. The film will have its premiere at the National Film Corporation on 26 October 2018.

The Summoning will be released online on 31 October 2018 via YouTube.