There was prior information says PM

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said that there may have been prior information on today’s attacks, but adequate action had not been taken on the intelligence.

The Prime Minister made this statement during a media briefing this evening (21).

However, Wickremesinghe said that priority is being given to apprehending those behind the terror acts.

He further noted that inquiries will also be held to the inaction on the prior information received by authorities.

He also acknowledged the messages, condolences and support extended by the International Community while stating that their assistance will be invaluable in the investigations into these bombings and understanding whether the culprits had received foreign aid.

Currently, eight suspects and a van that was allegedly used by these persons have been taken into custody and according to information received by the Prime Minister.

The Premier added that the perpetrators are all local.

The police and the triforces continue to conduct operations to maintain stability and peace in the country, Prime Minister Wickremesinghe stated.

He observed that security forces personnel must be commended on their superb execution of leadership and authority and special commendations and condolences must be extended to the three brave police personnel who gave their lives to the protection of the Sri Lankan people.

He further stated that those individuals who were affected by these terror attacks will be compensated and the damaged places of worship restored as soon as possible.

Finally, the Premier expressed that the time has come for the people “to hold our unity as Sri Lankans and work together to wipe out the menace of terrorism from the country.”

He also instructed the public to support the forces in their activities and to not divert their attention from this situation.