Theva Residency goes meat-free


Theva Residency will be the first meat-free boutique hotel in Kandy, shared the Theva team, stating that during the Covid-19 pandemic, they were pushed to reflect on understanding and re-interpreting what their concept would be upon reopening.

Upon reopening for guests, with the go ahead from the authorities, they shared that they will be taking the necessary steps to redefine their philosophy, keeping in mind what is happening in the world and how they can work in harmony with nature to provide a refreshingly soulful experience to their guests. “We will be focusing on your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. We will be offering an experience to refresh your mind, body, and soul.”

We have had the pleasure of experiencing the culinary prowess at Theva and they have not disappointed. The team guarantees that their Resident Chef and his team are up for the task; they will continue to produce a range of culinary delights, “a fusion of East and West, new and old”, similar to their past years in operation.

They shared that the kitchen team has curated a menu with more nutritional and immunity-boosting food using local indigenous herbs, spices, vegetables, and fruits, incorporating traditional, local forms of preparation. They made sure to mention that they will be catering for the pescatarian diet.

The team at Theva is taking steps to create a more holistic philosophy; offering a place for their guests to “enjoy your experience, showing compassion towards animals, the environment, and yourself”. They shared that they would like to create a meaningful experience by forming an emotional connection with those who choose to stay at Theva.  

Theva Residency team

Despite the pandemic still being at large, the hospitality industry has been encouraged to open up shop once again and Lankan restaurants, resorts, and hotels have been stepping up. Theva, in Kandy, is one such example, where they have made changes accordingly to better suit the environment of the world we must now live in.

We need to embrace the new normal and facilitate clean living, similar to how Theva has done in their own way by eliminating meat from their diet and focusing on immunity-boosting cuisine. It is a fantastic and novel attempt at redefining one’s product to appeal to a fresh set of consumers.

Theva has stayed ahead of the curve in providing exemplary service and since they are now once again open for business, their pledge to provide a holistic and “refreshingly soulful experience” to their guests means that there’s much more to come from the Theva team, and drawing from our own experiences at the establishment, we can only say that it will be something to look forward to.

Photos: Eshan Dasanayaka



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