Thiyansa – A passionate book collector

Thiyansa Wickramasinghe is an 11-year-old avid reader who is passionate about creative writing and book collecting. Her favourite books are storybooks about Greek mythology. She is a member of the school choir and western band. Thiyansa also plays the piano. Thiyansa is an animal lover and dreams of becoming a veterinarian in the future.

You recently won first place in a creative writing competition in your school. Do you enjoy creative writing a lot?
I really do. In creative writing, you can take your imagination to any level and the story takes form according to your ideas. I started writing short stories at the age of eight. I got inspired after reading my first book, Famous Five. I got to know that all you need to create a story is imagination. While I write short stories, I visualise the characters and happenings in my mind. It’s the same with reading too. Creative writing is an amazing thing. You can not only develop it by reading books, but also by listening and seeing things too.

Tell us more about yourself.
I study at Methodist College and I am currently in grade seven. I’m talented at singing, short story writing, and ballet. I’m an only child and I live in Dehiwala with my parents. My father is the Senior Manager – Brands at Dialog Axiata and my mother is a nursery teacher. I like animals very much and have a pet dog.

You said your favourite colour is blue. Why do you like that colour?
I like blue because it calms my mind with its many shades. But every colour has a different meaning behind it. Blue is a cool colour. When I think of the colour blue, it brings to mind amazing, calming sceneries of the sea, sky, blue flowers, etc. – some of my favourite things. It also reminds me of my favourite foods which are blueberry and blueberry cheesecake. Blue is also the colour if my favourite Greek god.

We heard you are a book collector. Tell us about your home library.
My home library is not very big. It’s just two tall book shelves put together. One bookshelf has all my favourite books; the other has the books that I have read just once. Approximately, I have 323 books as of now. I get more books as gifts than toys because all my family members know that I love to read.

Why do you like Greek mythology and mythical books the most?
Greek mythology is something that I am really interested in. Mythology is what people say doesn’t exist, but when I read mythology, I feel like it’s real. That’s why I like it. My favourite book series, Percy Jackson, is also based on that.

Who is your favourite Greek mythological character and why?
He is a Greek god called Poseidon. Poseidon is the god of the sea. The Greeks call him “Earth-shaker” and“Stormbringer”. I am so drawn to the sea, and that’s why I like him.

Do you engage in any extracurricular activities? What are they? What are your special achievements in these activities?
I engage in the extracurricular activities; piano, ballet, speech and drama, singing, badminton, and swimming. I’ve passed my piano and speech and drama grade exams with distinctions and merits, and won the junior school award in ballet. I am also a member of the school western band and the junior choir.

Since when do you play musical instruments?
I started playing at the age of nine. As of now, I play the piano, organ, and melodica.

Your ambition is to become a veterinarian. Why do you want to choose this?
I chose that profession because I want to help animals of all sizes and breeds. Someday, I want to have an animal shelter for all animals that are abandoned by their owners. Animals that have a home could also board at the shelter for free.

Tell us about your special interest in horses. Do you engage in horse riding?
I have had an interest in horses since I was small. Horses are beautiful, majestic creatures. I have completed the first stage in horsemanship which includes basics in walk, trot, and stable management. With my studies and other extracurricular activities, it’s hard to make time for this. Therefore, I have put a pause on horse riding, but I am hoping to start my riding classes soon.

Do you have a pet? Tell us about it.
I have a pet miniature poodle. His name is Fluffy. Fluffy was my second birthday gift. He has a very fluffy, sandy-coloured coat of fur. He is extremely mischievous when he wants to be and really playful. Once, he snuck out of the house and we spent two hours looking for him. In the end, we found him sleeping behind a truck. But no matter what he does, he is too cute to scold. I also had a boxer called Dull, but he had a kidney failure and passed away.