TNA and UNF in cahoots

By Skandha Gunasekara

The United National Front (UNF) Government struck a deal with the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to garner the latter’s support to defeat the No-confidence Motion (NCM) last week, the TNA said.

TNA Parliamentarian Easwarapatham Saravanapavan told The Sunday Morning that the TNA demanded a separate Tamil division in Kalmunai.

“We were undecided on how to vote on the NCM until we were certain that our demands would be met,” he said.

Saravanapavan said the United National Front (UNF) Government had finally agreed to set up a separate Tamil division in Kalmunai.

“Until 6.10 p.m. on Thursday, we were not sure how to vote. Then, we were informed that an accountant had been appointed as a first step to establish the separate Tamil division,” he said, adding that at this point, the TNA decided to abstain from voting.

Asked if there were any other agreements between the TNA and UNF Government, MP Saravapavan said that the TNA had indicated their main demands years earlier.

“We have already given our demands and it is up to the Government to deliver. What we want mainly is the new constitution. They must have the guts to bring it to Parliament,” he said.