EXCLUSIVE: Top businessman pushing for China backed housing project

By Easwaran Rutnam


A top businessman is pushing for the stalled China backed housing project for the North and East to get approval.

Well informed sources said that the businessman is operating as the local agent for the Chinese company and stands to lose if the project does not go through.

“The project has stalled and a decision was expected to be taken this week by the Ministry of Resettlement, Rehabilitation, Northern Development and Hindu Religious Affairs on the next course of action,” sources told The Morning.

The local businessman was earlier involved in a proposed pre-fabricated housing project for the North and East.

The project, however, failed to get off the ground following objections raised, particularly by the Tamil National Alliance.

The Chinese funded housing project in the North and East had been suspended following objections raised by India, The Morning had reported earlier.

The Government had earlier decided to go ahead with the project but following strong concerns and objections raised by India the project was suspended.

The Chinese housing project was to see some 7000 locals in the North and East receiving employment to construct the houses, under the agreement.

China Railway Beijing Engineering Group Co. Ltd had been awarded the contract to build 40,00 houses for the war affected families.

The Chinese company has agreed to complete the project in two years and the Government earlier felt that it will help meet the urgent requirement for housing for the families.

India is also involved in providing houses for the war affected families in the North and East.