U.S. official assesses demining efforts in Sri Lanka

A U.S. official on an official visit to Sri Lanka had met with several local officials and demining project beneficiaries to discuss security cooperation and the progress of the U.S.-funded Demining program.

U.S. Department of State’s Assistant Secretary for Political-Military Affairs R. Clarke Cooper visited Sri Lanka from June 2 through 5 and travelled to the Eastern Province to observe the demining operations which is part of a nearly 970 million Sri Lankan rupee project provided to Sri Lanka by the U.S. Department of State for demining efforts in fiscal year 2018.

Assistant Secretary Cooper has said that “President Trump’s Indo-Pacific Strategy underscores the importance of sovereign nations working together to advance shared interests.  We respect Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and independence and look forward to continuing our bilateral cooperation.”

he further stated that the U.S. is proud to be partnering with Sri Lanka in reaching its goal to become mine-impact free by 2020.