Welgama hits out at MR’s statement in India

Opposition MP Kumara Welgama says nepotism is not suitable for the country and that it was nepotism that resulted in former President Mahinda Rajapaksa being defeated at the 2015 presidential election.
Welgama has expressed these views when interviewed by a private radio channel.

The MP has noted that a majority of the previous government were opposed to nepotism and that there are many seniors in the party who should be given priority.

Welgama’s comments come at a time when the former President has stated to the Indian media that one of his brothers could be the contender at the next presidential election since his son would not be eligible to contest the election in 2019.

The MP has also said that President Maithripala Sirisena was forced to leave the government and contest at the last presidential election since he was not given his due place in the party.

However, when asked whether he would support a Rajapaksa family member if nominated at the next presidential election, Welgama has said that he will have to wait and see since no final decision has been reached about a candidate.