103 SLAF peacekeepers in South Sudan receive medals for outstanding service

103 Blue Berets from Sri Lanka Airforce (SLAF) who are currently serving as peacekeepers with the United Nations (UN) Mission in South Sudan received UN medals for their outstanding service, the UN Mission in South Sudan stated today (14).

Accordingly, SLAF peacekeepers received salutations from the UN Force Commander in Bor, South Sudan before he personally pinned medals on the chests of the peacekeepers.

“You have flown in the most difficult of circumstances. In the past, two helicopters have been shot down in this part of the country, but you have never let that stop you from carrying on with your vital work. You have been as brave and committed as one would expect pilots from your country to be,” said Force Commander Lieutenant General Shailesh Tinaikar.

Further, 135 Indian troops also received medals and praise for their service.