16-year-old wins Asian Games’ first-ever e-sports gold

Ridel Yesaya Sumarandak, a 16-year-old teenager from North Sulawesi, Indonesia, secured the first-ever e-sports gold in the Asian Games after defeating China in online battle game ‘Clash Royale’ in Jakarta on Tuesday, 28 August.

Ridel’s gold medal, however, will not be included in Indonesia’s medal tally of the 2018 Asian Games, as e-sports, which makes its Games debut this year, is categorised as a demonstration event, reported 18th Asiad’s official website on Tuesday.

eSports and canoe-polo are contested as demonstration sports at this Asiad. eSports is expected to be a medal event at the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou.

Ridel, under the username BenZerRidel, scored a 3-1 victory over China’s top gaming athlete Huang Chenghui, username Lciop, who settled for the silver medal. Ridel made it to the grand final after defeating Vietnam 3-2.

Vietnam, represented by Huynh Duc Huyi, aka Legend, took home the bronze.

Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game developed by Supercell, which also produced another popular game, Clash of Clans. The game centers on strategy, where each player needs to collect certain cards to win the battle.

The Asian Games e-sports competitions run until 1 September at Britama Arena, Kelapa Gading, in Jakarta. The competition started with an Arena of Valor event on 26 August and will be closed with Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 on 1 September. The e-sport events also include League of Legends from 27 to 29 August, StarCraft II on 30 August and Hearthstone on 31 August.

* In the above photo is Ridel Yesaya Sumarandak (centre) with his gold medal on Tuesday, 28 August 2018.