Seylan Bank’s ‘Tikiri New School Term Promo’

Dawn of a new year brings new hope and new start for people, especially for children who expect novel gifts from family and relatives to pursue their aspirations.

Understanding these needs, The Bank with a heart has come forward for the 5th consecutive year to enthral Tikiri accountholders with an array of exciting gifts, who are starting the new academic year in 2019.

With the Tikiri New School Term Promo, new and existing Tikiri accountholders will receive a stationary pack comprising a set of platignum pens, watercolours and other important stationary items in an attractive pouch for deposits of Rs. 3,500.

Following the overwhelming success of previous promotions, this year, the bank has extended the age criteria, enabling Montessori & grade 1 – 5 Children’s to take part in this exciting promo and win many gifts such as water bottles, mugs, and school bags in addition to the special stationary pack.

“The beginning of a new year is an exciting time for kids, parents, even teachers as they get ready to head back to school,” said Gamika De Silva, Head of Marketing and Sales at Seylan Bank PLC.

“As the leading minor savings account, Seylan Tikiri has always focused on introducing novel propositions, which has not only infused the habit of savings among Children but also empower them to build financial security as they grow and advance in their educational career.

With this year’s Tikiri New School Term Promo, We are enabling Tikiri accountholders’ to further enhance their academic skills and make their academic year more colourful.

With a strong focus to enable every Tikiri Child to achieve their fullest potential through holistic financial and entrepreneurial development with a focus on education and life skills, Seylan Tikiri continues to evolve with pioneering initiatives and elevate the benchmark for minor savings segment to new heights.”

Tikiri Children can also become eligible to receive definite gifts such as bicycles, remote-controlled helicopters, scooters, LED TVs and many more gifts by simply maintaining the required balance in an existing Tikiri account or by opening a new Tikiri account that meets the eligibility criteria.