What it takes to be a champion 

Sri Lanka has been participating at the Paralympic Games, the biggest formal meet for differently-abled athletes, since our debut at the 1996 Summer Paralympics in Atlanta. We have since participated Read More »

Beyond the comfort zone 

Physical activity has immense potential to positively impact mental health. Just 10 minutes of brisk walking has been observed to increase alertness, positive moods, and energy. Categorised as “lifest Read More »

Fashion is for everyone 

Fashion is everywhere: It’s a form of art that transcends what is merely in your closet or in clothing stores. It’s in the roads, in restaurants and cafes, in parks and forests, in our music and our a Read More »

‘Life of Pulli’ 

In a time where wildlife conservation is in the hot seat, and educating the younger generation on the importance of conserving our natural resources is so vital, environmental writer and advocate Thar Read More »
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