3 days left for Govt. to make a decision says Stalin

With the applications for Ordinary Levels and Advanced levels due, General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Teachers’ Union Joseph Stalin has given the Government 3 days to decide on what the Government wants to do in regard to the education of children in Sri Lanka.

This comes as a response to the 15th September deadline which was imposed by the Government for students who plan on sitting for the 2021/2022 National Ordinary/Advanced Level exams.

“The Ministry of Education has not done anything to ensure seamless education for the children of Sri Lanka. Schools closed due to Covid on the 12th of March 2020, it has been over a year and the Government has done nothing since then. The Government has been sleeping,” stated Stalin.

Stalin further states that if the Government does not come to a feasible decision by the 15th of September in regard to the complaints submitted by the Teachers’ Union, the teachers will not hand over the student applications for the OL’s and AL’s, and the Government is to bare full responsibility for the future and education of these students.