A chat with the next Virat Kohli

By Oshadi Seneviratne 

Often videos of talented young kids playing cricket surface on social media that leave viewers in awe of their talent. One such video that is currently going viral on social media is a talented kid who is seen batting flawlessly with a single stump. We all know that the cricket bat is an essential equipment to play. But did you know we can also play cricket with a cricket stump?

Vighnaj Prejith, the magical eight-year-old Indian batsman, uses a cricket stump to play cricket. Following is the interview hosted by Ramith Dheersekara and Percy Abeysekara along with Laknula and Nethasha.

When I saw your video on the internet, I had a big question to ask you. How did you practise with a stump?

Last year during lockdown, I broke my bat and there wasn’t any shop to purchase a new bat since everything was closed due to the lockdown. So I requested my father to teach me to play cricket with a stump.

Who inspired you to play with a stump?

My father inspired me and he taught me to play with a stump when I was young. It was quite a hard task during the first few days.

I have so many favourite shots. What is your favourite shot?

My favourite shot is the pull shot. I also like the hook shot, but the pull shot is my favourite.

I would like to know who is your favourite cricket player?

My favourite cricket player is Rohit Sharma. I like his pull shot very much because the way he plays it is very beautiful.

My favourite cricket team in the Indian Premier League( IPL) is the Rajasthan Royals. What is yours?

My favourite IPL team is Mumbai Indians because Rohit Sharma is playing in that team. My second favourite team is the Rajasthan Royals because Rohit Sharma played in that team not this time, but the last time.

Now I’m going to test your knowledge about cricket. My first question is, do you know who is known as ‘Captain Cool’?

M.S. Dhoni is known as “Captain Cool”.

Rohit Sharma is also known as Hikman. Do you know his jersey number?

Yes, his jersey number is 45. It is also my favourite jersey number.

Which South African batsman is known as ‘Mr. 360’?

“Mr. 360” is AB de Villiers.