A taste of the North at Galadari Colombo

Flavourful journey

By Dimithri Wijesinghe

For the second time around, Galadari Colombo together with My Sister’s Kitchen presented the Jaffna Food Festival from 29 August to 1 September 2019 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. at The Coffee Shop.

Behind My Sister’s Kitchen is none other than Thushara Innasithamby, sister of the famous Danu Innasithamby, and she worked her magic for the second time to bring to life the flavours of Jaffna cuisine.

The entire coffee shop saw transformation, taking you to the colourful and traditional vibes of Jaffna, courtesy of authentic My Sister’s Kitchen dishes, and décor really transported its guests.

We spoke to Thushara about her partnership with Galadari and her decision to reprise her role as the sole provider of the true flavours of Jaffna.

“I’ve always really enjoyed cooking, and My Sister’s Kitchen is all about authentic cuisine. For this festival, the hotel actually had people go to Jaffna to bring the necessary ingredients. As for the spices, they are quite literally from my own kitchen,” she said.

“I have been tasting her food all my life, and this is some of the best stuff you will have,” added Shanu, while gorging on delicious nelli ice cream.

Jaffna is home to a wide variety of delicious cuisines that is hard to come by in Colombo in its original quality and taste. My Sister’s Kitchen was established with the aim of giving access to authentic, home-cooked, Jaffna-style dishes without compromising on taste and quality.

The food was all quite fantastic and we had absolutely no complaints as everything was simply perfect, with a mind-blowingly rich meat stew, some tamarind sweets, and the aforementioned nelli ice cream winning a special place in our hearts. Another special highlight was the “toddy table” that provided creative cocktails with an element of toddy incorporated into each concoction.

The festival brought to life the opportunity to experience a spectacular dining experience, enabling you to experience authentic Jaffna cuisine at its best.

Photos Saman Abesiriwardana