A wandering soul – Samu Senanayaka

Samu Senanayaka is a travel content creator known for her vibrant photography and gorgeous landscape shots, featuring herself as a beautiful centrepiece who guides you through Sri Lanka’s many iconic destinations. 

Best known as @wandered_soul_sl on Instagram, Samu’s travel content is not limited to photography, as she also has a YouTube Channel where she shares YouTube shorts, and more recently a TikTok page as well.

Samu shared that she is a medical student from Ambalangoda, and that travelling has pretty much been ingrained within her from a very young age. “I have been travelling since childhood; it really comes from my family, because my family also really likes to travel, and at least once every month we would set off on a family trip,” she said. She shared that her family’s love for travel and absolute refusal to stay in one place for too long has really nurtured a love of travel in her, and as time went by, she too has made it her hobby, where she tries her best to visit as many places as she possibly can in her free time. 

She shared that while she has been travelling for many years now, she only thought to share her journey online very recently. Starting her now-popular Instagram page only a year ago, she said that what inspired her to get started on an online travel page was because she felt that all these experiences she was having could be worthwhile to somebody else, and perhaps it could inspire them too to set off on a journey and experience it for themselves.

She said that travelling is a large part of her life, and it is incredibly special to her, so much so that it gives her a form of meditative relief, noting: “Travelling is part of my life, it’s therapy for me.” Samu shared that some of her favourite places to visit within Sri Lanka are the island’s stunning waterfalls, adding: “Sri Lanka is an awesome country. I have visited India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, and Vietnam, but Sri Lanka still remains the best in my opinion.”

Samu said that she believes Sri Lanka is an impressive and unique beauty, and for her, Sri Lanka is simply the best, particularly making note of how our island’s natural beauty, near-untouched greenery, and biodiversity really set us apart from the rest. She said that she has visited numerous waterfalls in the island, with some key highlights being Hulu Ganga waterfall, Pudalu Oya Ella (Dunsinane Falls), Upper Devon falls, Lakshapana falls, Bomburu Ella Waterfall, and Upper Diyaluma, among many others. 

While it is near impossible to pick one favourite from all of these experiences, she shared that she has a special place in her heart for her time at Upper Devon fall, with Samu sharing that it is an incredibly calming place to be at, as many people often do not frequent the spot. While they don’t regularly attempt that trek, it was a memorable experience for her. 

However, Samu made note that while Upper Devon was most certainly memorable, it is really not fair for her to pick one single location as her favourite, because they are all equally memorable. “I actually can’t say that one particular place is my favourite because I love every one of those places I’ve visited,” she said. 

Samu shared that traveling is indeed her hobby and she loves it dearly, and so, all she wishes is to be able to travel. “In my lifetime I’ll do it till I die,” she noted, adding that her goal is to tour the world, and she is confident she will most certainly achieve it. 

As for her travel page, Samu said that there is so much travel content out there and she would not say that her page is that much more unique from any others out there, so she feels it really is dependent on her followers to decide what they like and wish to consume. However, she will continue to do her best, and she loves to read all of the comments she receives, which further encourages her to keep sharing her content.

Samu said that this past pandemic season has been difficult for many of us in different ways, and in her case, of course, she has suffered setbacks from not being able to travel. However, she said that this time off has really allowed her to reflect on her love for travel and reevaluate how much she has learned from her experiences. She also added that she truly loves nature, and is therefore hopeful that when people do eventually start travelling after being cooped up in one place for so long, they do it responsibly and in an ethical way. “I kindly request all of them to please travel to your heart’s content and enjoy, but please protect it for our future.” 

INSTAGRAM: @wandered_soul_sl