Aarthy and Thinesh of Sri Lankan origin to compete in ‘Amazing Race Canada’ Season 7

Meet Aarthy Ketheeswaran and Thinesh Kumarakulasingam, two participants for the ‘Amazing Race Canada’ Season 7 with roots in Sri Lanka.

The two first generation Canadian participants will be taking part to win in this year’s season of the Amazing Race Canada, a reality TV show where the participants must race a gruelling course across Canada and the world.

Aarthy Ketheeswaran is a Human Resources professional and Thinesh Kumarakulasingam is a software developer currently residing in Vancouver.

“My family and I immigrated from Sri Lanka where I was born,” Kumarakulasingam, who is currently a computer science student in Vancouver, told TheLoop. “We came to Canada looking for a new life and here we are; it’s been great.”

“My parents also came to Canada, so we have that background in common,” Ketheeswaran told the TheLoop, whose mother grew up in the same town as her boyfriend.

“Just watching our parents, we take for granted the freedom and the ability to feel safe. In Canada, you can kind of do anything you want and not have to worry about getting in trouble for speaking your mind. It’s really having that sense of freedom that we watched our parents struggle with a lot.”