Abans denies dealership allegations

Abans Auto (Pvt.) Ltd. has categorically denied any forgery or illegality with regard to its dealership of Hyundai vehicles in Sri Lanka.
Speaking to The Sunday Morning Business, Group Managing Director Behman (Tito) Pestonjee asserted that Abans Auto will be the sole distributor of Hyundai vehicles in Sri Lanka from 1 January 2020 onwards.
Pestonjee made these comments in response to the article The Sunday Morning Business published last week under the headline “Forgery around Hyundai dealership in Sri Lanka?”.
He added that allegations that were made against Abans Auto are false and confirmed their dealership is a valid one.
“If people have any issues with our dealership, then they should take it to the court instead of spreading false rumors,” Pestonjee noted.
On a further note, he noted that even though their dealership was provided by Hyundai Malaysia, the headquarters, located in South Korea, wass well aware about the activities of Hyundai Malaysia.
For further clarifications, Pestonjee provided The Sunday Morning Business with the letter that was sent to the Commissioner of the Department of Motor Traffic by Hyundai Motor Company, Korea, a copy of which we have reproduced above.
The letter, dated 4 November 2019, in its opening lines, confirm that Abans Auto (Pvt.) Ltd. has been appointed as the Hyundai authorised distributor in Sri Lanka as of May 2019, giving them the authorisation to import and clear Hyundai vehicles in Sri Lanka.
In the letter, Hyundai Motor Company further noted that their “Sales and Purchase Agreement (a non-exclusive)” with Hyundai Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd. will end on 31 December and they do not have any intention to renew it.
“Therefore, with effect from 1 January 2020, Hyundai Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd. will not be the authorised distributor to sell Hyundai vehicles in Sri Lanka. Abans Auto (Pvt.) Ltd. will be the authorised distributor to sell Hyundai vehicles and clear them, as well when imported into the country,” the letter noted.
Hyundai Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd., the dealer of Hyundai vehicles in Sri Lanka for the past 20 years, raised forgery allegations against the Hyundai dealership of Abans Auto (Pvt.) Ltd.
Last week, Hyundai Lanka told The Sunday Morning Business that they will take legal action against the dealership that was given to Abans Auto.

Photo caption: From left: Hyundai Motor Company General Manager Moon (Matthew) Kang and Abans Group Managing Director Behman Pestonjee signing the dealership agreement.