Abbey Irish cream mix by Shake MI Company – not just a cocktail mix

Our days of running to the supermarket for passion fruit cordial or boring old tonic to go with your preferred adult beverage are now over, as Shake MI Company (@shakemicompany) has come up with the surprisingly simple solution of bottled premium cocktail mixes, delivered to your doorstep.

The brainchild of founders, mother and daughter duo Manisha Abeynayake and Isabella Gunadasa, the product is ideally engineered for these pandemic times – where you can simply add ice, alcohol, shake well, and serve to enjoy delicious bar-standard cocktails.

Launched in February 2021, Shake MI Company has only been around for about two months and it’s made its mark on the market for being absolutely unique. As Lankans, we’re known to enjoy our drink, but, unless we take the time to treat ourselves to a professionally mixed, expensive cocktail on a Friday night, it’s rare that we get to experience an actually tasty cocktail, as we often make do with whatever is around. Of course there are syrups and cordials available, however there really aren’t any products particularly for this purpose.

Enter Shake MI Company. Speaking with Co-founder Isabella, she shared that her mother was always known for her delicious Irish cream, stating that she has always encouraged her to package it. However, considering that liquor licenses are incredibly expensive and that logistics also pose quite a hurdle, they had to find a creative solution for the problem – which is when they came up with this far more versatile product.

While they do plan to expand the product variants to include fruity cocktail mixes in the coming months, with Manisha adding that she hopes to launch a fruity line for the summer, at present, Shake MI Company is offering up three flavours for your own at-home Irish cream: original coffee, cinnamon, and salted caramel, which are available in 300 ml and 500 ml bottles.

Manisha shared that they try to stick to natural premium ingredients; they use fresh cream and they brew the coffee and make espresso shots. All of the components are entirely homemade, including the salted caramel. As for the shelf life of the products, as it is milk-based, they recommend it is about three to four weeks, just to be on the safe side, but of course if you add alcohol, the shelf life is longer. She added that they are in the process of figuring out a suitable permitted preservative to increase the shelf life to up to six months, but it is still in its trial period.

Use it as a substitute for milk in your iced coffee 

Finally, moving on to what we think of the product – it was delightful, and we tried it in so many different ways just to test how versatile it really is; we had a blast mixing it with literally everything. We got ourselves one 300 ml bottle of each flavour. We were hoping we’d be able to snag one of the seasonal ones – the marzipan – but they were out. Regardless, we made do with the coffee, salted caramel, and cinnamon variants, and while it turned out great as cocktails mixed with our cheap alcohol, we had the most fun when we started making frappes and multiple ice blends.

The drink really is not just a cocktail mix; it was a great coffee creamer to add to your boring coffee, and with this in your fridge, its game over for overpriced café-bought, watered down iced coffee. All you need is a bit of milk, some ice cubes, and any flavoured Irish coffee mix. 300 ml may not seem like much, but the product is a very thick syrup that can be used to make multiple drinks if you pair it with milk and ice. As suggested on their Instagram page, we even tried it as an ice cream topping – it was great.

At first we were hesitant to pay Rs. 950-Rs.1, 100 for 300 ml, and because they deliver through PickMe or Uber, there’s an added delivery cost which really racks up your total; however, as an occasional treat and because it is so multipurpose and you can put it to good use, we feel that it is worth it.

Shake MI Company just did their first-ever giveaway as a thank you to their customers, all of whom they’ve amassed through word of mouth – they hit the 500 mark within just two months of launching.


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