Agrahara for all retired state workers with Rs. 650 m from Budget today

National Insurance Trust Fund (NITF) expects an allocation of Rs. 650 million for its ‘Agrahara’ health insurance under the budget 2019 which will be presented in Parliament today (5).

NITF Chief Executive Officer Sanath C De Silva told The Sunday Morning Business that utilizing this allocation NITF expects to provide ‘Agrahara’ health insurance to all the retired state sector employees in the country.

Agrahara is a medical insurance scheme for retired state sector employees but is currently available only to state sector employees who retired after 2016.

With a view to provide the insurance for state employees who retired even before 2016, Rs 50 million had been allocated by the 2018 budget, backed by Minister Sagala Ratnayake in his capacity as the former Minister of Project Management, Youth Affairs & Southern Development.

However, this was not adequate to cover the state employees retired before 2016 which number over 350,000.

“The 2018 allocation did not work out. You can’t do anything with Rs. 50 million. We require Rs. 650 million for this purpose”, De Silva stated.

He stated that the government should have a better understanding at looking after the elderly citizens of the country as it is considered as a duty of a state.

The Budget 2019 is scheduled to be presented in the Parliament at 2p.m. today, under the theme ‘Empowering the People, Nurturing the Poor’.