AI Broadcast Series: AI Academy on the importance of artificial intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence Academy Colombo (AI Academy), is Sri Lanka’s first dedicated artificial intelligence (AI) educational institute, offering undergraduate and graduate programmes, executive part-time courses, and knowledge-sharing forums, as well as working on collaborative projects to support industries, start-ups, and government.

The AI Academy’s unique 360-degree applied AI programme combines computer science and design thinking, mixing ever-evolving technology with human soft skills like creativity, empathy, ethics, and responsibility to create cross-functional innovators who can generate actual and lasting business value.

The Morning Brunch reached out to the AI Academy and spoke to Managing Director (MD) Lin Gong-Deutschmann and Business Strategist Sachindi Weerakoon on the AI Broadcast series that is being spearheaded by AI Academy.

Sachindi Weerakoon      Lin Gong-Deutschmann

Speaking on the importance of AI and the role it plays in the future, Gong-Deutschmann commented: “AI is poised to change every aspect of our lives as we know it; it is a matter of ‘when’ and not an ‘if’ anymore. Currently, there is a significant talent gap in the market and the future requires those who can lead and adapt to the dynamic nature of this ever-changing, ever-evolving technology, with practical application skills, creative problem-solving skills, and an appetite for life-long learning. AI Academy aims to provide exactly this, and build an AI talent hub in Sri Lanka.”

AI Broadcast is a series of speaker discussions that look at the possibilities of AI, the role it plays in our lives, and the role it can play in the future. The AI Broadcasts look to inspire people and show that AI knowledge is an essential future skill that everyone will need to have some knowledge, across all industries.

The AI Broadcasts are also a chance for the AI Academy to consult with their industry partners and connections, sharing practical expertise and knowledge and to discuss real-life problems and projects in the field of AI. These industry partners also contribute to the AI Academy’s programmes, differentiating the AI Academy from other educational institutes.

The broadcasts are aimed at, but not restricted to, youngsters, post-Ordinary Level (O/L) and Advanced/Level (A/L) students who are trying to decide which field to choose for their higher education, and young executives who have just stepped into the workforce as they are at the best point in their lives to make this conscious decision on which field to pursue.

The inaugural AI Broadcast featured Microsoft APAC Lead Developer and Director Annie Matthew, speaking on the era we find ourselves in post-pandemic, and its potential to create a brand new world akin to the revolution we saw in the first quarter of the 20th Century when automobiles became mainstream. The talk covered how AI plays active roles in our daily lives, and the role it can play in the future, amplifying human ingenuity to make how we work and what we do better, faster, and cheaper.

Future broadcasts aim to bring in expertise from China, which is quite ahead from all the other countries, as well as other AI Academy industry partners including the world’s biggest tech giants who are driving the field of exponential technologies.