Aitken Spence employee exposed to virus

 Aitken Spence, in a statement issued yesterday (7), confirmed that one of its employees had been exposed to Covid-19 after a member of her immediate family had tested positive for the virus.

The company further stated that contact tracing had been conducted on the premises while exposed areas within its premises had been identified and isolated for disinfection within 24 hours.

Excerpts of the statement are as follows.  

We wish to inform that an employee of Aitken Spence has been exposed to Covid-19 (not diagnosed) as a member of her immediate family has been diagnosed as a Covid patient.

In line with our special Covid-19 health and safety procedures, we have conducted contact tracing at our premises to identify persons who may have been exposed (i.e. close contacts defined as any individual within six feet of an infected person two days before onset of illness until the patient is isolated) and will communicate directly with stakeholders as and when required. We have also identified and isolated possible exposed areas for disinfection within 24 hours.

Aitken Spence has maintained precautionary procedures from the onset of the outbreak to safeguard our stakeholders, and to support national efforts to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. Accordingly, we are vigilantly monitoring the situation and will continue to work proactively with the Ministry of Health, the Epidemiology Unit, and other relevant authorities to follow standard procedures.