Alaris launches new manufacturing plant

Alaris Lanka yesterday (20) announced that it is constructing an ACE healthcare manufacturing plant in Horana which will become operational within the next four months.

With an investment of $ 4 billion, the plant will encourage healthcare products to be manufactured locally, thereby preventing foreign exchange outflows from the country as healthcare products are mostly imported from various countries. 

Alaris Lanka Managing Director Tharanga Weerawardane said that the decision to construct a manufacturing plant comes amidst a request furnished by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to increase local healthcare product manufacturing. 

“The project will be completed in three phases. In another 3-4 months 30-40% of healthcare products will be manufactured within the country,” Weerawardane stated. 

Alaris Lanka made this announcement during a press conference yesterday, which they called to clarify rumours stating that Facia Premium, a product of Alaris, has been banned by the National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA). A letter, purportedly from the NMRA, stating that it has imposed a ban on the importation of glutathione molecule combination products, which is present in Facia Premium, has been circulating recently. 

Weerawardane stated that the letter was fabricated by their competitors.