Sri Lankan missions overseas | All missions operational

By Maheesha Mudugamuwa

Despite the Covid-19 threat still imminent worldwide, all Sri Lankan missions overseas, except in Nepal, are currently operational, according to the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ruwanthi Delpitiya told The Morning yesterday (19) that all overseas foreign missions were currently active and operating as usual in all countries around the world except Nepal.

The mission in Kathmandu, Nepal, will be closed from 20-26 August due to a prohibitory curfew imposed throughout the Kathmandu Valley, Delpitiya said, adding that all staff would be working from home despite the offices being closed.

“The staff will be working from home, but they will remain active throughout; the working environment will be changed as they will be working from home,” she explained.

Currently, Sri Lanka maintains 50 embassies and high commissions abroad as well as 103 consulates and three other representations. Meanwhile, Colombo hosts 42 embassies and high commissions, 67 consulates, and two other representations in Sri Lanka.