All vaccination data secure: DDGHS 

  • Army Chief expresses concerns over info of 300 K persons 
  • Health sector’s manual uploading of data taking time  

 By Maheesha Mudugamuwa 

The Health Ministry assures that the data on vaccination of people against Covid-19 since January this year was secure, available, and had not been misplaced.  

Public Health Services Deputy Director General Dr. Hemantha Herath said some health workers recorded the data on books and that data would be fed manually to be computerised.

Last week, during a television programme, Army Chief Lt. General Shavendra Silva raised concerns regarding data of nearly 300,000 people who were vaccinated during the first vaccination drive. He explained that the Army had computerised data from day one, but in the health sector, they saw a system of writing down data in books.  

As a result, data of around 300,000 persons are yet to be entered into the system and it has to come from the health sector. 

He, however, noted that the issue could be resolved when the second dose of AstraZeneca would be administered.

Responding to the Army Chief’s concerns, Dr. Herath said the health sector employees did not have facilities like the Army while vaccinating the people, and as a result, they had to enter data manually after recording them in the books, which would take time.  

When asked whether the same manual system is still being followed at present, Dr. Herath said: “They are manually entering data and except for minor delays, there have been no major delays in entering the data into the system.”