Amaranthé Bay – a lasting impression

Trincomalee, Sri Lanka’s golden port city on the northeast coast, during summertime, is potentially the most popular hotspot amongst locals and foreign travellers alike who make their way over when the southwest monsoon takes over the other half of the island’s coast.

From around May to September, Trinco becomes a roaring hub of activity. However, this time around, things were glaringly different, considering how Covid-19 has sucked all the life out of it. But as we travelled along the eastern coast and arrived at our final stop to spend the night at Amaranthé Bay Resort and Spa in Uppuveli, we noticed the atmosphere was a little different.

Speaking to Consultant – Business Development and Marketing R. Sritharan, he shared a sense of optimism we hadn’t experienced in quite some time in our travels to the East. “In Trincomalee, we were quite safe during the pandemic. We took care of everyone here, and we adjusted the rates allowing for people to stay and be safe as we were – a result of Sri Lankan hospitality.

“Even though other hotels were closed during the pandemic, we were ready with limited staff to cater to anyone who came over’ we didn’t get many people but we kept the place open as it is part of our brand values.”

Sritharan shared that back when they first started the project on this property, soon after the war, they did so believing the east coast presented a lot of opportunities. To this day, even with the pandemic, they believe it to have an abundance of opportunity and see it simply as a perfect location for anyone to come and prosper – the best place for you to be if you are holidaying in Sri Lanka.

The property, which sits poised at the edge of the Pillaikulam Aru River, is truly a hidden away paradise. While having a candlelit dinner on the property by the lagoon on a dock under the stars, even the most cynical of thoughts evade you as you breathe in the beauty of the landscape and the calming and beautiful sunset whilst surrounded by the breeze wafting across the still waters of the river.

It’s safe to say we enjoyed our first night at Amaranthé Bay; heading back to our rooms on the second floor, we were in for the view of a lifetime as what we just experienced was laid out on visual display through our windows where we could look out into the night sky. The rooms are spacious and we were especially thrilled by our junior suite’s private jacuzzi, also overlooking the mind-blowing view.

The place is somewhat of a romantic fantasy; as a chalet-style luxury boutique hotel, the property offers the privacy and seclusion provided by dense green mangroves, while also being close but comfortably tucked away from the city to be a perfect hub for excursions. As wonderful as the night time was, the morning hours are even more beautiful; waking up to the swishing of oars and chirping of birds amidst an otherwise perfect calm, the property reinforces its promise of seclusion and relaxation.

With the advantage of their unique positioning and almost private access to the lagoon, the hotel offers a free boat service to ferry guests to and from the nearby beach as well as kayaking and canoeing facilities for a quiet, refreshing paddle in the shallow lagoon. Additionally, of course, the hotel offers a number of excursions in and around Trincomalee, from diving and fishing to city tours and cultural visits. The property also consists of a spa, an outdoor pool area, and a nightclub, which, on any regular day is often patronised by myriad foreign and local guests; but it was sadly closed off considering the current circumstances.

Despite having stayed only one night, we prepared to leave wishing we could stay longer. With their welcoming hospitality, stunning location, and serene natural beauty, Amaranthé Bay left a lasting impression – something we won’t forget for some time to come.

Photos Pradeep Dambarage

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