Anton expands to Maldives

Anton, a manufacturer in the Sri Lankan PVC industry, water tanks and roofing amongst industrial and consumer sectors, recently made history by introducing its vast product range to the Maldives.

Anton Chief Operating Officer Lahiru Jayasinghe shared his thoughts on the latest endeavour, stating: “We are extremely delighted to be able to offer our range of products and services to the Maldives. While we have been firmly established in Sri Lanka for many generations, we believe that this is the ideal time to enter the global market to further expand our presence. We have been committed to bringing new products to our customers, expanding our offerings, and ensuring that we make a positive impact in the lives of people across the globe. We constantly aim at maintaining the highest quality of our products while also focusing on research and development to cater to the evolving needs of our clientele in the most efficient and safest manner.” 

Since its establishment in 1958, Anton stated, it has pioneered, invented, and made large-scale investments in the local industry, thereby vastly contributing to the nation’s economy. The company, today, is a leader in the PVC pipes and fittings industry, pressure pipes and fittings, water tanks, thermo PVC pipes and fittings, rain water gutters and fittings, valves, adhesives and sealants, conduits and trunking, nets, and hoses are a few of the high-quality products it offers to the market. Anton has also introduced several innovative products such as Armour uPVC roofing sheets, uPVC doors and windows, and polar insulation, reiterating its commitment towards offering advanced solutions to its valued consumers. 

“We are extremely pleased to enter the Maldives market which is rapidly developing with construction opportunities, at this much-needed time to stabilise the Sri Lankan rupee. This is not just another leap in our growth testimony, but a milestone that strengthens our impact on the nation and its people,” Lahiru further added. 

Anton stated it is entering the Maldivian market amidst a challenging time for both individuals and businesses worldwide. Despite that, the positive feedback received from partners and consumers alike is commendable and encouraging.

The company now exports a wide range of its products to the Maldivian market, further strengthening its growth in irrigation, infrastructure, and piping amongst the industrial and consumer users. Such has also resulted in the growth and expansion of the company in taking a truly Sri Lankan brand to the limelight of the world. 

Anton operates by its values of the promise of highest quality and safety, best sourcing practices, and disrupting its products and services with innovation using the latest technological practices and impacting the lives of its customers for the better by providing products that are eco-friendly and sustainable.