Apps for your studies!


When it comes to studying in our day and age, internet, as well as technology, are hugely beneficial and popular methods. With internet and technology come new ways of learning (e-learning), with many mobile applications contributing to this helpfulness. These apps will help you control your mobile usage, compelling you to study and focus on the task at hand. They will certainly increase your productivity and prevent you from getting distracted easily by other unproductive behaviour. Additionally, these mobile applications will definitely benefit you by making you work harder, keeping yourself on the right track while maintaining consistent progress in your day-to-day life. On that note, here are a few mobile apps to help you with studying and how to use them.


An extremely simple and free app, Exams acts as a countdown to your next exams, providing you with the number of days left until your next exam so you can ensure you don’t miss it! With the logistics of the app being very easy to comprehend, you can structure your revision to fit the amount of days left until your next exam. Thus it is a highly useful app that you can use whenever you’ve got important exams coming up!


Productive is an app that helps to be – yes, you guessed it – productive! The app tracks your habits by letting you set personal goals in order to motivate yourself whilst also monitoring your own headway with your work. Being a free app, this is extremely useful in helping you stay on the correct path to progression, urging you to complete tasks such as exercising for 30 minutes each day, or consistently meditating for 10 minutes in the morning before you go for class or work. It is a well-designed app that aids in making sure you’re aware of your productivity in a day so that you don’t stray off track and laze around when you’re supposed to be doing an important task. It is a useful app which will definitely aid in making you a more productive person by ensuring you keep track of your progress with your daily tasks.


Quizlet is an online flashcard app that you can use to make digital flashcards. With many options as to how you can use the app, Quizlet has games such as “Match”, which requires you to match a definition to the correct term, or “Gravity”, where you have to quickly type out the definition to the term before the asteroid falls to the bottom of the screen and hits the planet. A fun and innovative way to study, Quizlet employs various revision techniques – such as the ability to change the order of your flashcards so you avoid memorising the sequence of it and rather actually study the meaning of the term itself, as well as the choice to type out the definition rather than just go through the cards themselves. A really useful revision tool, Quizlet is an app I regularly use on the go, whether I’m in a trishaw or simply while I’m having breakfast. Quizlet serves as a portable flashcard system that works wonders for your memorisation of key vocabulary and terms.


The Forest app is a highly beneficial tool that you can use to help you stop getting distracted by your phone. This app works by having you log into it, setting a timer for how long you want to take to complete your task, and then once the timer runs out, your tree grows, and you earn coins! These coins can be used in exchange for a real tree to be planted, and so far, the app has generated over 600,000 real trees which have been planted. A paid app that only costs $1.99 (Rs. 360!), it allows you to turn on the “Deep Focus” option, whereby leaving the app to use other apps on your phone (such as WhatsApp) causes your tree to die, and therefore halts your progress. Similarly, you can enable the “Plant Together” mode, where you can play with friends; if one friend’s tree withers, everyone else’s does too. This app is extremely simplistic yet creative in that it has figured out how to enable people to stay focused and motivated. You won’t believe how motivated you’ll be to finish the timer once you enable that “Deep Focus” option! This app is highly useful and beneficial to your everyday life, making you overall a more productive and technologically responsible person. As someone who has invested just Rs. 360 of my own money into this app, I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to get their study habits back on track.