• The matter of the robe - December 4, 2022

    President Ranil Wickremesinghe has taken several swipes against young Buddhist monks who have been engaged in anti-Government protests, stating that monks could not be allowed to behave in an unruly manner using their robes as a shield. “I saw an undergraduate monk scolding and blaming our Most Venerable Malwathu and[…]

  • The federal question: Triangulations of Ranil Wickremesinghe - December 4, 2022

    By Kusum Wijetilleke “Tell the truth to the Sinhala people that the federal path is the only solution to the ethnic question in Sri Lanka… He should not hesitate to tell that to the Sinhalese people. Federalism is not separation. Quite the contrary.”  – Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam (to President Wickremesinghe in[…]

  • Health crisis: High prices, shortages push patients away from meds - December 4, 2022

    Not many low-cost brands, prices of all meds increased: Gankanda Claims 80% of medicines supplied by SPC are out of stock  Many rural hospitals face severe shortages, risk closure: Mediwatte Declare a disaster situation and take necessary precautions: Kumudesh    By Maheesha Mudugamuwa The ongoing severe drug shortage has had[…]

  • Agenda for revival - December 4, 2022

    “If corruption is a disease, then transparency is an essential part of its treatment” – Kofi Annan And, may we add, accountability. Put in the simplest way, if our leadership is sincere about turning the bankrupt economy around, it must first and foremost plug the leaks running into trillions of[…]

  • Rugby League: Referees back out over payment dispute - December 4, 2022

    SLSRFR asks SLR to settle 2017-2020 arrears Pending payments of Rs. 6.9 m to referees By Ranjika Perera The Sri Lanka Society of Rugby Football Referees (SLSRFR) has issued a letter of demand to Sri Lanka Rugby (SLR) calling for the settlement of arrears of almost Rs. 7 million –[…]

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