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Employee at another apparel company tests Covid-19 positive 

3 years ago

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South Asia Textiles Ltd. has stated that one of its employees has tested positive for Covid-19. The company said in a statement that it has complied with the directives received from the the Medical Officer of Health in Pugoda and had carried out PCR tests on personnel, which commenced on 10 October 2020. “South Asia Textiles Ltd. complied with and executed all the health and safety protocols in preparing the workplace for Covid-19, based on the directives of the Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka and other government authorities, to support national efforts to mitigate the spread of it. As a further precautionary measure, South Asia Textiles Ltd. suspended operations on 8 October 2020,” the company said. “South Asia Textiles Ltd. is currently working in close co-ordination with government healthcare authorities and other relevant government agencies to facilitate follow-up action in this regard,” the company added.

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