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Biden calls for healing as he celebrates 'clear' victory over Trump

2 years ago

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First female VP-Elect Kamala Harris said she won’t be the last US President-Elect Joe Biden celebrated his win over Donald Trump as “clear” and “convincing” in a hometown victory speech as he vowed to waste no time cracking down on the Covid-19 pandemic and called on Americans to set aside their differences once and for all. [caption id="attachment_104435" align="alignleft" width="300"] Photo Credit : The Boston Globe[/caption] Biden’s speech came roughly eight hours after he was declared winner of the US election, thanks in large part to Midwestern and suburban voters who helped him deny Trump four more years in the White House. He won both the electoral college and the popular vote, and is the first presidential candidate in history to surpass 74 million votes. At 77, Biden is the oldest person ever elected US President. Hailing the record-breaking turnout, Biden promised to be a president for all Americans, no matter if they voted for him or not. Combatting Covid-19 was a core message in Biden’s campaign. He announced that, starting today (9), he plans to assemble a task force of scientists and experts who will help him confront the crisis as soon as he’s inaugurated in January. Biden was introduced by Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, who makes history as the first woman and the first person of colour elected to the nation’s second-highest office. Harris said that, while she may be the first female Vice President, she won’t be the last. Trump’s loss adds his name to a short list of one-term presidents. The last incumbent president to lose his re-election bid was Republican George H.W. Bush in 1992. (CTV News)  

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