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Govt. daily spends over Rs.60mn to conduct PCR tests: President

2 years ago

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The daily expenditure by the Government to conduct PCR tests exceeds Rs. 60 million, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said today. He said a large amount of money is spent daily on the entire process including quarantine. “It is a personal responsibility of the people to comprehend this situation, adhere to COVID-19 preventive health guidelines and avoid falling prey to the disease,” the President said during the daily discussion with the members of the Task Force on COVID Prevention held at the Presidential Secretariat today. He said closing down of the country was the easiest solution but that it would have affected the livelihood of the people. “It is my responsibility to keep the economy going while ensuring all the activities including employment, agriculture and fishing move forward,” he said. He said following the successful containment of the virus, media as well as the people have forgotten about everything and shirked responsibility. “The result is the current situation,” he said.