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Over Rs.42mn spent for PCR testing from COVID-19 Fund: PMD

2 years ago

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The President’s Media Division said today that over Rs. 42 million had been spent from the COVID-19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund for PCR testing as of today. A sum of Rs.100 million has been allocated from the COVID-19 Fund for PCR testings. “With institutional and personal donations and direct deposits, the balance of the COVID-19 Fund reached Rs. 1,668,379,121.74 as of October 31. As of today, Rs. 402,190.701 out of this amount has been allocated or spent for a number of COVID-19 related activities,” the PMD said. Accordingly, Rs. 100 million has been allocated for COVID-19 Advocacy Programmes from which Rs. 24,364,800 had been already spent. Rs. 86,528,701 has been allocated for quarantine facilities and Rs. 38,031,065 had been spent by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Defence for this purpose. More funds have been allocated for lab facilities of the Batticaloa Teaching Hospital and for rapid test kits. The PMD said the Fund was established on March 23, 2020 following a decision taken by the Cabinet of Ministers on March 18. “The management of the Healthcare and Social Security Fund is carried out by a board of highly skilled professionals representing areas of administration, finance and banking. The board comprises of Ministry Secretaries, the Director General of Health Services, audit and banking experts. The board is headed by the Central Bank Governor Prof. W. D. Lakshman. “When an institution requires funds for activities related to the control of COVID-19, with the approval of the committee, the money is spent by the relevant institution in accordance with the government procurement regulations. “Thereafter, the Fund reimburses the particular amount. Under no circumstances the committee engages in a direct purchase or direct expenditure. The Accounts Branch of the Presidential Secretariat is entrusted with the responsibility of auditing the Fund and these activities are subjected to comprehensive auditing by the Auditor General,” it said.