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Sajith asks whether govt. approached Pfizer or Moderna to get COVID-19 vaccine

2 years ago

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Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa today questioned whether the government has made any approach to Pfizer or Moderna to bring down the COVID-19 vaccines they have created. Speaking in parliament during the budget debate, MP Premadasa asked whether the government had any form of discussions or initial agreement with Pfizer or Moderna. He said the US and European countries have already entered into agreements with the companies and placed orders for millions of vaccines. “We are at the bottom of the list of countries waiting to get the vaccines. The government had not even thought about the vaccine but makes jokes when others speak about medicines and vaccines,” he said. He said if there was any issue with funds to get down the vaccine, the government should speak to the Canadian Government . “They have already ordered vaccines and have an excess. The foreign minister can direct the Sri Lankan representative in Canada to look into this excess of vaccines,” he said.

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