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Clamour in Parliament over national question & war

2 years ago

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A tense situation arose in parliament this evening when MPs shared their views and opinions on the war, the national question and the development of the North and East Provinces. Ahila Ilankai Thamil Congress (AITC) MP Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam raised the issue of national question. He said the government has not only neglected the national question but has also ignored to pay attention to the development in the war-torn North and East. During his speech, he accused MP Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka as a war criminal to which the Field Marshal responded saying MP Ponnambalam was a terrorist. MP Fonseka said, “don’t forget what the LTTEers have done. They killed innocent women and children.” MP Ponnambalam said 30 percent of Jaffna District was under the rule of the military which has made an impact on the civilians. MP Fonseka: “That was a result of the LTTE’s action not because of military.” MP Ponnambalam: “The government should pay special attention to the battered people in the North and East. The most vulnerable must be protected.” State Minister Indika Anurudda: Funds worth Rs. 7 billion have been allocated to resettlement in the North and East.” Meanwhile, MP Suren Raghavan said he tried to get the Sri Lankans in Tamil Nadu back but said the TNA blocked the efforts. “As the former Governor of the Northern Province, I tried my best to bring back 83,000 Lankans in Tamil Nadu but the TNA blocked all those efforts.”