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14 out-sourced employees test positive for COVID at Lanka Hospitals

2 years ago

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Lanka Hospitals PLC said today that 14 out-sourced janitorial staff members had tested positive for COVID-19 and assured necessary measures are continued to be taken to maintain a zero-infection rate among the patients and other employees. In a statement, the Management said a test revealed on Monday 23rd that one member of the out-sourced janitorial staff service who resided outside the hospital premises had been infected, and following this detection all close contacts of the said individual were isolated and PCR tests were carried out. “Among them, 14 other out-sourced janitorial staff members who have been identified as positive have been transferred to the health authorities as per the safety protocols. “The hospital wishes to assure the general public that it continues to practice stringent safety measures to prevent the spread of infection, and one of many key preventive measures is the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that is provided to all out-sourced janitorial and other cleaning staff to ensure that they do not come into any physical contact with patients or the tools that are used for cleaning purposes. “Lanka Hospitals PLC as a pioneering healthcare service provider in the country, has taken necessary measures to maintain a zero-infection rate among a large number of patients who visit the hospital premises for treatment and other healthcare facilities. “Lanka Hospitals is proud to announce that since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 it has served over 250,000 visitors without a single visitor being exposed to any risk of COVID-19. “The health and safety measures at the Lanka Hospital premises is absolutely stringent and the staff, including the staff deployed by third-party service providers are subjected to frequent testing. “In fact today, 100 antigen tests were conducted among the hospital’s staff under Health Ministry protocols and all test results have been determined to be negative for COVID-19. The Lanka Hospitals management, staff and medical practitioners are acting with a great sense of accountability to ensure patient safety. Therefore, we invite those with healthcare needs to utilise our services at Lanka Hospitals and Lanka Hospitals’ diagnostic centres throughout the country without fear as your safety is our utmost priority,” the management said.