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Escaped inmates: Police urges passengers of Polonnaruwa-Colombo bus to undergo self-quarantine

2 years ago

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The police today urged the passengers of a Polonnaruwa - Colombo bus that left Polonnaruwa at 5.45 a.m. to undergo self-quarantine as the five escaped COVID-19 inmates had travelled in the bus. Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said the five inmates who escaped the Gallella COVID-19 treatment centre in Polonnaruwa had travelled in the bus NB 9268 which was heading to Colombo. The inmates have travelled up to Kurunegala in the bus and then had reportedly gone to separate locations. The inmates are aged 26, 27, 31, 36 and 52 and the 27-year-old was found in Madampe this afternoon. “If you are a passenger of the bus numbered NB 9268, please undergo self-quarantine and inform the area MOH and the PHI. Action will be taken if failed to do so,” he said.

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