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Reducing disparities in schools a priority in 2021: Education Minister

2 years ago

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Education Minister Professor G. L. Peiris stated in Parliament today that the reduction of existing disparities in schools will be a priority in the new year. The Minister said that providing quality education to children in remote and rural areas is one of the main objectives of the government and that this programme will be further strengthened this year. Further, it was stated that steps will be taken to improve distance education through programmes such as e-Thaksalawa and that these programmes will be developed further. The Minister said that a programme will be implemented to identify gifted children in remote areas and encourage them in the field of education. He said action will be taken to reopen schools as soon as possible subject to health guidelines, adding that distance education alone was not enough for children. “Accordingly, schools will be reopened step by step in the future and the new school term will commence on Monday (11) in all areas except the western and isolated areas,” he concluded.

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