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Non-state actors engaged in unlawful activities shouldn’t be encouraged or given opportunity at UN: SL Envoy

2 years ago

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The non-state actors who engage in unlawful activities should not be encouraged or given the opportunity to justify their activities at the UN through any one of their sympathizers, Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to UN Mohan Peiris said. In his speech at the Plenary meeting of the 75th Session of the UN General Assembly in New York on Friday, Peiris said non-state actors who engage in unlawful activities try to use UN with a view to propagate their ideologies through the procedures established by the UN organization and its allied organs. He said all are aware that acts of terrorism, xenophobia, racism, intolerance, hate speech and disinformation are threats to international peace and security. “They transcend boundaries and its prevention must be viewed as a collective responsibility by all. Sri Lanka, having faced terrorism for nearly 30 years, remains concerned by the unabated progression of terrorism in all its forms and manifestation, without an end in sight,” he said. He also said, “Regrettably, this august body, as our worthy neighbor and friend India observed last evening, is yet to agree on a common definition of terrorism, and there remains a lack of progress towards a comprehensive convention against international terrorism. “However, we remain optimistic and look forward to working with all Member States in addressing the challenges arising out of the many faces adorned by extremism and terrorism. “We note the reforms introduced both at Headquarters and throughout the United Nations system and reiterate the need for a more geographically diverse UN workforce sensitive to the different cultures that enriches the global community. It is essential to ensure that all actions taken by the system are transparent and in conjunction with adherence to and the implementation of the UN Charter. “The UN must while addressing the challenges of our times, represent and reflect the interests of all Member States. Meaningful results on the ground at the national level, can only be ensured by seeking common ground which is the only sustainable path for addressing challenges in moving towards a more peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. “I would like to conclude by reiterating Sri Lanka’s support for your work, as well as that of the Secretary-General, as we work collectively to deliver the mandates, guided by the UN Charter that we the Member States have set out for the United Nations. “In this context, Sri Lanka is fully committed to working together with all Member States to achieve the common objective of building a more just world based on equality and opportunities for all. Be assured that Sri Lanka will be there together with the UN making it happen,” he said.

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